Whimsical Creatures and Abstract Neighborhoods

Whimsical Creatures and Abstract Neighborhoods

When I started  painting with watercolor in 2006, I had no idea that I had begun a journey that would take me from making postcard-sized abstracts to 5×10″ Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul, that I would make the acquaintance of hundreds of whimsical watercolor creatures, that I would find a way to get lost in abstract images, and that I would make tiny shiny mosaic tiles out of paper. Join me on my journey. 

 My art blog!

In my art blog, I write about new work, the work of my friends and colleagues, artists and work that I admire, new materials and explorations, and advice for artists (and others) who are growing their businesses.

Exhibits & Shows (and retail outlets)

Exhibits and Shows points you to my shows (in person and online), sales and special events. My work is always at The Art Shoppe at Midtown Global Market, at my ETSY shop, and at my zazzle store, and at the Frogs&Pandas zazzle store.

What else is here? 

Click on the images below for Mammals  of Whimsy; Rings, Links & Bands; The Clowder of Cat; Parrot Families of Saint Paul; Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul; Pandas and Frogs from the Hidden Bamboo Forest of Saint Paul; FOUR whimsical wildlife books; more CATS than you might imagine; adult coloring pages; and paper mosaic creatures and mixed media creations.