Interview Alert: What does the interviewer see in the parking lot?

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If you don’t get the Culture and Manners Institute’s Etiquette Tip of the Week, you risk doing things that will harm your career in ways that you will never know.  

In this week’s tip, Certified Etiquette Instructor Callista Gould adds a new potential blunder to your interview checklist:

A woman who works for a trucking company told me she watches interview candidates all the way out to the parking lot. “I want to see what their cars look like,” she said. “Because if we are going to trust them with a $120,000 vehicle, we want to see if they take care of their personal vehicle. Is it clean?  Does it have scrapes and dents?  Bumper stickers?” 

A lot of people in human resources are looking out the windows.  And their stories are great: candidates parking in the handicapped parking without qualifying tags, stripping down into something more comfortable before they drive away, hanging out on their cell phones like they are on a stake out of next candidate (Inside the building, they are asking, “Is he/she still there?”) and my personal favorite, making out with the person who drove them.

The interview is not over with the final handshake or when the front door closes behind you. Do not linger and make sure your impression outside the business is professional.

One more thing that has been seen from an office window: A candidate was to meet with the Character and Fitness Committee of his state’s Board of Law Examiners, whose staff  wanted to inquire about his dismal driving record which included multiple and current driving license suspensions. Any possibility of a good outcome was cut short when he was seen getting out of the car in which he drove himself to the meeting.


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  1. Quite true. The car and how it is park is a determinant of the person’s personality. A clean car and how it is parked says a lot about you.

  2. Lisa says:

    Wonderful explanation! I never thought i would get a good guidance!CV Examples

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