Whimsical Creatures and Abstract Neighborhoods

Whimsical Wildlife Documentarian 

I live on a well-traveled path for whimsical creatures who come to my studio, sit for portraits, tell their stories and eat my snacks. I am contractually obligated to write their stories (in books, blogs, backs of cards) or they will take away my title.

Abstract Painter

My first art memory is as an obsessed finger painter who wanted to paint all over everything all of the time. My Mother gave me crayons. A life-long doodler, I finally found an outlet in what I later learned was called “abstract” painting. Even later, I realized that my abstracts stand for “The Grand Metaphor: every piece looks better because of the pieces that surround it.”

A blog

In my art blog, I write about new work, the work of my friends and colleagues, artists and work that I admire, new materials and explorations, and advice for artists (and others) who are growing their businesses.

Exhibits & Shows (and retail outlets)

Exhibits and Shows points you to my shows (in person and online), sales and special events. My work is always at The Art Shoppe at Midtown Global Market, at my ETSY shop, and at my zazzle store.  Don’t forget the books: Meet the LLLamas. The Backyard Roosters of Saint Paul.  The New World of Cats: Max-the-Cat & His FriendsThe Small Friends’ Chronicles.  See something you like? Want to customize it?  Inquire at susangainen@comcast.net.

What else?

Oh my. I have a huge archive of images which I am currently (August 2018) organizing and making accessible by way of a creature alphabet and an abstract matrix.