It is important to learn something new every day, and my head if full of new stuff from two classes that I took on Saturday and Monday. Gourds & Polymer Clay: different tools and techniques. New for me. Huzzah!

My Gourd Pin from Kristin Treuting’s Workshop
A Gourd Pin

Gourd Art and Kristen Treuting

Water Movement” is a three-artist show at Vine Arts Center. Kristen Treuting‘s unique and beautiful gourd art is part of this show, and in her workshop, she let us loose with wood burners, lovely inks, and glue guns to create our own gourd art. Thanks, Kristen. (Note to cat owners: Some cats find gourd pieces very enticing. Hide your work.)

Polymer Clay and Layl McDill

Layl McDill is a gifted, visionary, and whimsical genius with polymer clay. Last night she conducted “Clay Play” with Silly Millies for mentors and proteges in this year’s WARM (Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota) Mentor program.

Canes and Canes
Tulip Fingers

Having had a deeply disappointing encounter with polymer clay years ago, I had always been curious about how to make the intricate designs actually work. Layl showed us that “noodles and blankets” were the secret, and the designs and figures that we all made were vastly different from one another, and all wonderful.

I can’t wait to incorporate these designs into my paintings.

NOTE: Layl McDill is my WARM Mentor in the current Mentor-Protege cycle. I am deeply grateful for her enthusiasm and encouragement. If you check out her work, you’ll know that she will never, ever tamp down my whimsy.


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