The WARM Show

The WARM (Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota) Mentor-Protegee Show is coming in October, but the catalog picture and info deadline is August 1. Hence, the race to produce something that either sensibly represents “work-in-progress,” or approximates “finished.”

Three of the Five Panels

Cats, Parrots, and Owls in Progress

The Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul installation will have five panels: Owls, Parrots, Cats, Some Random Birds, and an Elephant. (It’s my cave, so I can populate it at will.)

The Owl and Parrot Panels are not quite finished, but the images are all recognizable owls, parrots, and the border hummingbirds (top), and frogs (bottom.)

Cave Cats In Progress

The Cat Conundrum

In life, I answer to two cats, so it would have been impossible to keep cats from the cave walls. But what cave cat panel image to use?

If you know my work, you’ll recall dozens of cats of all shapes and sizes.  I searched my image files and found one that I had used on two of my earliest paintings, Dot Cat and Striped Cat. I made three different sized templates, and “ghosted” them onto the panel with one of the most useful of watercolors, Winsor Newton Davy’s Gray.

An organizing principle? A theoretical construct? A plan!

Because the Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul are whimsical historical documents, it seems reasonable that the Cat Panel would depict some of our current cats’ ancestors. Who is to say that the Great-great-great-great-great-great-great (etc.) Grandpa of an orange-striped tabby didn’t have a green stripe?

Other Markings’ Research

The Small Friends’ Research Institute, (sponsor of the bulk of my research into whimsical creatures and publisher of The Small Friends’ Chronicles and Meet the LLLamas) tasked its entire staff with emergency research into the markings on Ancient Cats of Minnesota. I expect a report this afternoon.

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Cave paintings are available at The Art Shoppe at Midtown Global Market (Minneapolis) and at Three Sisters’ Eclectic Arts (Saint Paul), and from my website.


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