Thank you Open Culture!

Thanks beyond measure to Open Culture for posting this  link.

422 art books are free downloads from New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Yes. Free: 422 art books are free downloads, and not from Joe’s Bar & Grille and Art Library — from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I live in Minnesota — far from the Met. Although I lay claim to owning lots of books (hundreds of cookbooks, mysteries, textile books, art books, and garden books), I have called a halt to my lifelong Book Acquisition Program because there is no more room on any bookshelf, on any staircase, and on any place piled against the wall.

Huzzah! With access to this treasure trove of art books, I am in Art Person heaven.



    • susangainen says:

      Thanks for the compliment on my site. I don’t understand your question about submitting work. Can you explain?

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