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Inspiration or obsession?

“Obsession” is such a dark word. How, then, should I describe my habit of finding a new design and then working on it until I’m either exhausted, or another idea comes to replace it? Working on Conversations Connections pieces has absorbed a lot of time lately. I’m not close to being finished experimenting and exploring this design which reflects connections — human and technological.

Examples at Artists’ Market

Come and see several examples of Conversations Connections at Artists’ Market, the Northstar Watermedia Society’s All-Original Watercolor Show, at the Fine Arts Building at the MN State Fairgrounds, May 29 and 30.

In the beginning

Test of pencil, pen and paint
Test of pencil, pen and paint

I began to make the underlying pencil drawing during the first day of 2015 Art-a-Whirl, and finished it last night. My original plan was to use just green paint to fill in the tiny squares and rectangles, but somehow yellow and blue crept in.

After working with a Micron .05 black pen on the last piece, I decided to look for a pen with a finer line. I’d hoped for a 005 Davy’s Gray Micron Pen, but it isn’t available. Experimenting with Golden High Flow Transparent Gray with a new triple-zero brush was interesting, but the effect wasn’t quite right. At Dick Blick, I found the Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen (extra-small) in black and it worked. I’m still on the hunt for a very fine tipped gray pen.






I can create a Conversations Connection for you in any size and color scheme. I can work on paper (in my studio) or create a mural on your wall. Use the contact form below and we can start our own Conversation.


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