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Purple Squirrels and Multi-colored Squirrels

Purple Squirrels & Multi-colored Squirrels: Fact? Fiction?

Purple Squirrels and Multi-colored Squirrels blend fact, fantasy, whimsy and weirdness.

As a Whimsical Wildlife Documentarian,I am always glad to see whimsy validated by actual, genuine fact-based reporting. Thank you, Smithsonian. Wandering your halls a child was one magical trip after another. Now that I live in Minnesota, I rely on the magazine and the web.

Purple Squirrel Confounds Recruiters
Purple Squirrel Confounds Recruiters

Purple Squirrels History

Purple Squirrels, as you may know (from reading my old blog post) are candidates whose qualifications make them impossible to find, let alone recruit. Consider searching for the patent attorney licensed in four states and three countries who speaks four languages and holds 14 patents. Good luck finding her.

Actual Giant Multi-colored Squirrels Roaming Indian Forests

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Giant Multi-colored Squirrels (Malabar Giant Squirrel) roam the forests of Southern India. Is this a case of fact catching up with whimsy or the collision of fact and whimsy, or something else? Where is Charles Darwin when we need him?

Giant Multi-colored squirrel
Giant Multi-colored squirrel from the Forests of Southern India (photo credit: Kauskik Vijayan/