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The Horses on Lake Street Mural

None of us remembers horses on Lake Street, but you can see them now. Jason Najarak’s new mural installed on the west side of Schlatzein Saddle Shop on Lake Street transports you to the turn of the last century and horse-drawn conveyances on Lake Street..

Horses on Lake Street Mural

Najarak, a Minnesota native and international artist, created this mural to evoke Lake Street before the arrival of automobiles. The artist has traveled the world and painted practically everywhere. He studied with Salvador Dali and members of the School of Fantastic Realism. He brings enthusiasm, astonishing technique, and attention to historic detail (check out the prices in the stores when you are up-close to the mural) to this piece.


The Whole Thing
The Whole Thing!


The Big Horse ready to ride off the side of the building
The Big Horse ready to ride off the side of the building























This mural is 10 feet high and 40 feet long. Look closely to see people on horseback, and historic horse drawn conveyances including a trolley, an ice wagon, a three-horse fire wagon, a street cleaner, and carriages. The young man in front works for the telegraph office. When a telegram arrived, a boy-on-a-bicycle was dispatched to make the delivery.

Under the Rainbow
Horses on Lake Street Mural: Under the Rainbow



Find the family! Many members of the Schlatzein family are in the mural. Look for them in front of the shop.


Schatzlein: The Store
Horses on Lake Street Mural: Schatzlein Saddle Shop


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Alert listeners of Minnesota Public Radio’s Art Hounds will have heard me talk about this amazing mural on August 13, 2015. A Big Shout Out goes to Marianne Combs for allowing Minnesota Artists to help celebrate art all over the state every week.