From Scott County Art Crawl

Art Crawls: Dow Gallery-St. Paul & Savage-Scott Co.

Two in 1 weekend: I need a scheduler

Somewhere in the Minnesota Constitution it says that an artist must live on every block and that there must be at least on art event on every weekend. I am my building’s artist, and this weekend I will be in two art events: The Saint Paul Art Crawl at the Dow Gallery (I will be there Friday night and all day Sunday, and will teach “Help the Zebras Find Their Spots” on Sunday from 1-2); and the Scott County Art Crawl (10-4 on Saturday).

The Saint Paul Art Crawl At the Dow Gallery

The Dow Art Gallery (2242 University Avenue West) is in the iconic Dow Building, home to a large community of artists working across disciplines. The Gallery is a beautifully lit space on the Green Line and artists line up for space there because of the light and location.  Be prepared to have your jaw drop at the talent.

A true nanoscape

Having selfishly hung The Tall Silos of Iowa in my house for years, I finally realized that I don’t need to keep all of my favorite paintings forever. It was the first of my paintings ever to be juried into a show, and it is a true nanoscape: tiny spaces, tiny brushes, tiny designs.  Inspired by my first trip to Iowa, I decided that the silos needed some sprucing up. It is beautifully framed (9×22) in a bright orange metallic frame with a domed triple mat. $220 plus tax from Dow Gallery.


Tall Silo of Iowa
Tall Silo of Iowa


Top of the Silo
Top of the Silo
























Help the Zebras Find Their Stripes at the Dow on Sunday

For children of all ages: 1-2 pm at the Dow.


Help the zebra find her stripes




















Scott County Art Crawl: Savage MN Saturday October 10

I will be at the Savage City Hall Community Room, 6000 McColl Drive. Come to meet the Clowder of Cats! Here are two of them.