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Image-a-day: another way to keep learning

16 Butterflies
16 Butterflies: The First Image-a-day (16 days) for 2012. For sale at ETSY.

PAINT EVERY DAY.  I paint everyday, but I don’t finish a painting every day. I am still able to post an image-a-day because I am learning new ways for my paintings to frolic in Photoshop.

The first 2012 images were from “16 butterflies,”7 Hippos Marching,” and “3 Fish,” with each image carved out of the whole. “Beginning and End” is a tiny painting that will become a larger, gridded work, and “Blue Crystals” is a single post card manipulated (flip horizontal, flip vertical, etc.). Next up are eight iterations of “Infinity,” and a new “Rolling Rings 1,” whose perspective I changed radically.

Butterfly 9 from 16 Butterflies
Yellow Hippo from 7 Hippos
Green Feather Fish
Infinity 8
Blue Crystals
Rolling Rings 1