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Eggroll Queen Cafe Show – Susan’s Friends & Neighborhoods

Friends and Neighborhoods

If you remember the Underground Music Cafe and the other names under which this Falcon Heights treasure has been over the years — rejoice. It is now the Eggroll Queen Cafe. It’s here. It’s now. And it has Life Affirming Blueberry Waffles and Eggrolls the Size of Burritos.  AND LIVE MUSIC.

The Flamingo from the Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul will welcome you in the doorway.

Flamingo from the Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul
Flamingo from the Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul

My Friends and Neighborhoods show is almost ready to come down. That it took nearly a month to figure out how to get these images onto a small enough PowerPoint is a miracle. You may miss the show at the Cafe (it comes down on October 20), but here are the images:

Eggroll Queen Cafe Show


Brown Owls in the Owl Pages

Thanks to Rob Wishart, some of my owls are on The Owl Pages, a very cool site with loads of owl photos and everything you could ever want to know about these beautiful and smart birds. Two of my favorite brown owls on that site are below.

Brown Owl from The Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul

When I started painting owls I wasn’t confident about getting their faces right. This brown owl waited patiently on my easel for about half a year while I worked on dozens of small owl faces. I’m glad that I practiced.

This Brown Owl is from The Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul, which I imagine and excavate from the comfort of my rat-and-bat-free living room studio.The “cave wall” is white gesso that I tint with watercolor. Applying (slathering) the gesso with an offset spatula gives the painting its texture.


Brown Owl from the Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul
Brown Owl from the Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul (print matted to 11×14 at ETSY)


Wise Brown Owl

The original owl for this image is very small and very blue. I scanned the image into Photoshop, and used both Posterize and Invert to make this velvety brown owl.

Wise Brown Owl
Wise Brown Owl (print matted to 11×14 at etsy)


Explore More Owl Art

  1. On products at zazzle
  2. Any of these images on other products at zazzle, on cards or prints. Let’s talk: 651.917.0219

A Hot Pop-up from 6 WARM Artists

Minnesota art lovers are ruled by two items hidden in Minnesota’s statues:

  1. At least one artist on every block; and
  2. three or more art events on every weekend.

This weekend: 1 studio, 6 artists, #155 Northrup King

On November 20 and 21, six WARM (Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota) artists will present a Hot Pop-up at Heather Tinkham’s studio (#155 Northrup King Building, 1500 Jackson Street NE, Minneapolis). Join us for wonderful art, great food (including the justifiably famous Judith Olney Joy of Chocolate Pound Cake), and interesting conversation.  Free parking, too!

We are Mary Alterman, Susan Gainen,  Linda Seebauer Hansen, Vanessa Merry, Catherine A. Palmer, and Heather Tinkham. Take a peek at some samples of our work.

Mary Alterman: artist, painter, writer



Mary Alterman
Mary Alterman

Linda Seebauer Hansen, Jeweler


Sphere Gold Leaf Earrings
Sphere Gold Leaf Earrings
Aventurine Earrings
Aventurine Earrings

Susan Gainen, Artist, Whimsical Wildlife Documentarian



Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul: 5 Parrots
Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul: 5 Parrots

Vanessa Merry, Miniature Bejeweled Paintings


Vanessa Merry
Vanessa Merry

Catherine A. Palmer, Acrylic Process Painter



Rusty Patine
Rusty Patina


Heather Tinkham, Fiber, Jewelry and more!





Hot Popup Invite
Hot Popup Invite

And yes, there are other events at Northrup King.

Weekend plan: Do the Dow & Pop into Peggy’s Holiday Boutique


Two wonderful art events this weekend: Do the Dow (at the Dow Building at 2242 University Avenue W.) and Peggy’s Holiday Boutique, a 30+year tradition at the Roseville Oval. Each show has one of my favorite paintings.

Do the Dow

Artists with studios at the Dow Building and who are part of Khanh Tran’s Dow Gallery will be opening their doors and celebrating their art. Count on great food and music and lots of fun. Friday 6-10; Saturday 12-6.

3 Cats and 11 Flamingos Acapella
3 Cats and 11 Flamingos Acapella (original $125; prints $30)


Peggy’s Holiday Boutique

A 30+ year tradition with more than 100 artists’ work, the Roseville Oval hosts Peggy’s Holiday Boutique. It is a vortex of creative energy, and the artists’ work includes jewelry, painting, ceramics,glass, fudge (yes! fudge), wood work, leather, candles, and so much more. You will find some locally and nationally recognized artists. Friday: 10-8:30; Saturday 10-6; Sunday 10-4.


5 cave parrots
Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul: 5 Cave Parrots (original $250)

Internet Cat Video Festival 2015

Honored to be selected as one of two cat art vendors at the Walker’s 2015 Internet Cat Video Festival. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. at CHS Field Wednesday, August 12. Thousands of tickets have been sold: take the light rail.

Wasn’t this at the Walker? or at the State Fair?

Yes. The first cat video festival was at the Walker. The next year it moved to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Last year it was back at the Walker. This year it is in the brand-new CHS Field in Lowertown Saint Paul.

 Lots of Cat Art

Much as I would like to bring every last piece of cat art that I’ve ever produced, there is a two-hour sales window. If you get distracted by Cat Yoga or the other activities before the show which begins at 8:30, all of the images below are available as blank greeting cards. $4 each plus tax. Postage included. Prints matted to 11×14 are $30 plus tax and shipping. Max-the-Cat, the model for many of these images, reminds me that he has a lot more cat pals. He also reminds me that I should do a better job of posting this art to susangainenartist.com or to etsy or zazzle.


Cats-on-the-Fridge: new original art

4×4 original paintings packed with their own refrigerator magnets. They will be at Cat Video Fest.

cats in the fridge

Max-the-Cat urged me to make a postcard to promote my (his) cat art:

cat postcard for the blog
















Next up! Artists’ Market

Lucky for me! I spent 2015 Art-a-Whirl at the Keg House Arts Building with members of the Polymer Clay Guild of Minnesota. Their work inspires me.

Artists’ Market!

Next up! Northstar Watermedia’s Artists’ Market (formerly Art-on-a-Line), an all-original watercolor show at the Fine Arts Building at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, May 29 and 30. (Free parking, of course)Northstar-postcard-2015-FRONT

All original watercolor

This is a miraculous show. 80 artists start with the same tubes of watercolor or acrylic, and each artist’s work is different from all of the others. You will see this on the Artists’ Wall which has a sample (for sale, of course) of each participants’ work. Be prepared to be astounded at the originality and creativity. Then, remember the tube.

Some of my new work

Yes! Original Rooster portraits from The Backyard Roosters of Saint Paul (but not the book) will be at Artists’ Market. Not all of them, of course, but some.

Max the Cat: Muse and Snacks Manager

Max the Cat will be out in force with lots of new images. He is proud of his current job as Manager of Snacks. Each of the Whimsical Creatures who visits my studio is always hungry for snacks. Max makes sure that everyone is satisfied. Fortunately for me, both the creatures and the snacks are Whimsical, otherwise the snacks budget would dwarf that of some small countries.

2015 Art-A-Whirl prep

2015 Art-A-Whirl

Proud to be part of 2015 #ArtAWhirl. I’ll be at the Keg House Arts Building, 34 13th Avenue NE (F8 on the map). I will be among a group of incredibly talented polymer clay artists who will all be celebrate Art-A-Whirl together.

New Work

I will have some new work: a Black Cat Clock piece, a number of round menageries, lots of new work featuring Max the Cat, and new cave art including the two cave birds (below) and Three Cave Frogs.

2015 Art-a-Whirl Postcard
2015 Art-a-Whirl Postcard

St. Paul Art Crawl — up next!


Multi-task: Explore Saint Paul’s Art Community, Visit the Dow Gallery, & Ride the Green Line for Free

Saint Paul Art Crawl
Saint Paul Art Crawl


Dow Art Gallery: a bright-light & art-filled gallery at 2242 University Avenue West

Up up and away!  Come to the Gallery at the Dow Building for the St. Paul Art Crawl. See the work of 40 Gallery Artists, and then, as a bonus, visit the artists in the Dow Building itself.  One stop for lots of great art!

Where is the Gallery?

It faces directly on University Avenue, and gives you access to the rest of the Dow Building

What will I bring?

Originals, prints and cards of Roosters, LLLamas, Cats, Flying Penguins, Pigs, Frogs & Pandas, a never-before seen Giant Panda Portrait, Cave Paintings, Friendship (all sizes), and Flying Crystals. I will also have signed copies of The Backyard Roosters of Saint Paul and Meet the LLLamas.  And one of the snacks that draws both creatures and humans to my studio, Judith Olney’s Joy of Chocolate Pound Cake

Events (so far) in the Gallery

Free Performance Showing by SoulPlay/CathyAnn Beaty
Show time on Saturday @ 11am and 2pm

Free Green Line Bus passes!

Live Rooster showing by Collette Sakschek

Live Music, Food, and Beverages!

Fundraising for Cancer Kids. Selling Pints of the famous “Tiger Jack” created by Barb Pinc. Proceeds go to the Cancer Kids foundation.




Free rides on the Green Line

Download at www.artcrawl.org. The Green Line comes right to the front door of the Dow Gallery.

Free Rides to the Art Crawl
Free Rides to the Art Crawl

Whimsical Wildlife & more at the Dow Building Gallery


Whimsical Wildlife & more at Frame by Frame, the Dow Building Gallery
Whimsical Wildlife & more at Frame by Frame, the Dow Building Gallery

What’s inside the Dow Building? Lots of artists and a great gallery.

What’s inside the Dow Building on University Avenue? Khanh Tran of  Frame by Frame opened a huge light-filled gallery for Dow Building Artists (and others), and the Whimsical Wildlife and Geometric Abstractions have a new home.

Saint Paul Art Crawl Spring 2015

I’ll be there for the 2015 Saint Paul Art Crawl, April 24-26. Friday 6-10 pm. Saturday 12-8 pm. Sunday 12-5 pm.

The Dow Building and gallery address is 2242 University Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55414. Check out the map and put it on your calendar.

Waiting for you…

The Cave Seal #2: The Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul
The Cave Cat: The Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul
Two 3-D Backyard Roosters (From The Backyard Roosters of Saint Paul)
Sam the Snowy Owl Who Went to Mardi Gras and Never Came Back (From The Small Friends’ Chronicles)
The French Roosters (From The Backyard Roosters of Saint Paul)
3 Cats & 11 Flamingos Sing Acapella
The Great Leafy Bunny of New Hampshire (From The Small Friends’ Chronicles)
Friendship #5: Messy. Sometimes Complicated. Beautiful if you’re lucky.
Flying Red Crystals


Two works in Colors of Humanity Red Show

Red. My favorite color.

Two of my pieces were selected by the Colors of Humanity Art Gallery for its February 2015 show honoring “RED, my favorite color.  What a beautiful group of paintings to be part of in this Red Show.

Three Red Cave Frogs
Three Red Cave Frogs
Ax-man Gizmo 10th Gear
Ax-man Gizmo 10th Gear


The Ax-Man Gizmo 10th Gear

The Ax-Man Gizmo 10th Gear is part of a series of paintings that I made after a Mentor-Protegee Art Adventure with Layl McDill, my WARM (Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota) mentor in the 2013-2015 cycle. We found the flat black plastic gizmo that carpenters use to measure the diameter of wire, and immediately saw ART TOOL! I made ten of these paintings.

Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul: Three Red Cave Frogs

The Three Red Cave Frogs are, of course, part of the Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul. Imagined and excavated from the comfort of my living room studio, which is remarkably free of rats and bat, each piece begins with a layer of tinted gesso.  The frogs are stencilled and the whole piece is sprayed with archival spray.

FROM THE COLORS OF HUMANITY WEBSITE: This show will run February 1-31 (sic), 2015. Artists from around the world were called to submit their work and we were very pleased with the response we received. There were 117 accepted works and they came from 26 different states in the USA and 8 other countries: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Malaysia, Russian Federation, and Switzerland. A variety of styles and mediums were entered including, acrylic, blood, ‘bodypaintography’, charcoal, digital, ink, latex, mixed media, monotype, oil, pastel, photography, resin, scratchboard, watercolor, and woodcut. The judging criterion was originality, interpretation, quality, demonstration of ability, and usage of medium. Other factors, such as the clarity of the images provided and their ability to be viewed online, as well as relating to the theme, also contributed to the decision. “Best of Show”, “First Place”, and “Second Place” winners received a monetary award in addition to special recognition.
We were very happy to donate 10% of all entry fees from this show to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). It is our hope that this small act of kindness will blossom and grow to help someone else.