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Peter Pangolin lives happily in France

Peter Pangolin
Peter Pangolin lives safely and happily in France

Peter Pangolin is part of a very small family of scaly anteaters who are native to parts of Africa and Asia. In his native land, he would have eaten ants and termites, but was found to be wildly allergic to ants.  Instead of thriving, he became thin and sickly. To save him from slaughter as bushmeat, a kindly member of Veterinarians-Without-Borders slipped him into a diplomatic pouch and sent him to relatives in France. He hunts — but does not eat — forest truffles, and spends his money on only-the-best-chocolate-truffles in Paris.

Please protect pangolins

Pangolins are nocturnal and have very thick scales that look as if they were borrowed from Tricerotops’ heads. Sadly, according to National Geographic, they are being consumed to extinction. In a blog post dedicated to an international campaign to stop poaching and bushmeat, you will find wonderful photographs and  25 Things You Might Not Know About Pangolins.

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