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Philodendron watercolor goes digital

In early 2011 I became slightly obsessed by an image that reminded me of large philodendron leaves.

First Philodendron

I made the first Philodendron painting while on a speaking trip in Florida, and I named the series after seeing and huge plant outside my hotel room door.  Before I got cats, I’d been an obsessed houseplant person, and always had lots of philodendron in my house. I also remember being in the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, pointing at a 7-foot long leaf and asking a horticulturist “what is that?” He told me that it was exactly what my houseplant-philodendron would look like if it lived in a greenhouse for 100 years.

I made one large (22×33) and several smaller “Philodendron” paintings, and a few postcards, just for fun. Until this morning, I’d left them alone.

Philodendron: Making the cut

Having worked on a painted Stained Glass Penguin (what happens when triangles go wild?)  for nine hours yesterday, I never quite got around to making a tiny painting for “Image-a-day” so I looked into my archives and found Philodendron 3. I “cut” a piece and made digital magic with it in Photoshop. Find posters at zazzle.

Philodendron 3
Philodendron 3
Philodendron 3 (22×33 $500, framed)

A piece of Philodendron 3
A piece of Philodendron 3
Philodendron Magic
Philodendron Magic 2012 (poster at zazzle.com)

Stained Glass Cat: in progress

Stained Glass Cat Day 2

Yes. I love stained glass. Yes. I think that any work with glass is magic. No, I will never work with glass because it requires safety equipment for cutting or being a heat-resistant human who can work with the temperatures required by melting and fusing.

But wait! I can paint. Adding to the nanoscapes’ Fractured Glass and The Glazes, this small friend Stained Glass Cat is based on a needlepoint pattern that I have carted around for 30 years.