Three rules for 21st century email

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Three rules for 21st century email

Texting has whomped email, which is now considered old-fashioned. It is way too soon to consign email to the Recycling Bin of Technological History, and these Three Rules for 21st Century Email will continue to make it work for you.

1. Include your phone number. Especially if you are emailing to strangers or trying to arrange something other than lunch, including your phone number is critical. Busy strangers may not want to exchange 15 messages when a text or a two-minute phone call might resolve the problem.
2. Unless the answer that you seek is either “yes” or “no,” do not expect a prompt reply to a long question. Expect:

  • Two words: Call me;
  • A long delay because crafting a thoughtful reply will take an hour; or
  • Your message may be ignored.

3. Ask for a phone conference or a meeting if you have a complicated question, and tell your recipient that your written email is background for your conversation.

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