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Hire the Right Law Clerk: 4 steps (from lawyerist)

If you work in a large law firm with recruiting infrastructure, two assumptions driving the recruiting process are that students know who you are (large firm) and why they want to work for you (training and money? money and training?). … Continue reading

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4 exam tips and 4 winter break guidelines

Assuming the quality of your outlines and the depth of your studying, four exam tips will take you through your finals: Get enough sleep.  No one writes eloquently on two hours of sleep. Get some exercise. Opening the door for … Continue reading

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Keeping Options Open: 6 reasons, 3 concerns, 2 remedies — not 31 Flavors

Students often want to manage career risk by keeping options open. Concerned career services professionals fear that keeping options open too often translates into “no options identified or exercised” and no job prospects. Six reasons that students keep options open … Continue reading

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