4 exam tips and 4 winter break guidelines

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Four exam tips and four guidelines for winter break

Assuming the quality of your outlines and the depth of your studying, four exam tips will take you through your finals:

  • Get enough sleep.  No one writes eloquently on two hours of sleep.
  • Get some exercise. Opening the door for pizza delivery does not count.
  • Eat from the traditional food groups, not “sugar, fat, salt and caffeine.”
  • Focus on the subject at hand. There will be no nuclear physics questions on law school finals.

Winter break guidelines are the best: do what feels right.

  • Have fun.  Eat well. Visit friends and family. Read books. See movies. Play video games. Explore new music.
  • Do good work.  Join your friends and colleagues from all over the world who volunteer  during winter break.
  • Catch up with the world.  Stuff happened while you were studying. Catch up.
  • Get some sleep.

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