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Travel tip: leave no personal stuff behind

Leave your hotel room as you found it, and you will leave no personal stuff behind. If you put the papers in the trash, line up recyclables on a shelf, and put the furniture back where you found it, all … Continue reading

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How to make an employee’s job more challenging, meaningful or rewarding

LinkedIn question: What can we do to make the job more interesting, more challenging, more rewarding and / or more meaningful for employees? ANSWER: Ask them. You may find out that some may not really care. They may be at … Continue reading

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Overused LinkedIn Buzzwords drag down resumes and cover letters

While urging readers to create powerful LinkedIn profiles, the remarkable¬† Brenda Bernstein, author of the useful The Essay Expert blog, published the ten most overused LinkedIn buzzwords for 2010 with a caution that they can become trite and clich√©d. She … Continue reading

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