How to make an employee’s job more challenging, meaningful or rewarding

working smart framedLinkedIn question: What can we do to make the job more interesting, more challenging, more rewarding and / or more meaningful for employees?

ANSWER: Ask them.

You may find out that some may not really care. They may be at work for the paycheck and have entirely satisfying lives outside of work.

Do not be insulted if your colleague can separate work and life. Work-life balance is highly sought after and  no one should be judged for achieving it. One of the best employees I ever knew didn’t care much about his job, but cared deeply about his outside life as a Civil War Reenactor. He did good work in his office and left it at 4:30 p.m.

It is fair to evaluate work product and attitude
.If someone’s work is excellent, yet he appears to be half-heartedly engaged in the spirit of your organization, look to your culture, your stated expectations, and, perhaps to job descriptions. The Civil War Reenactor may be the envy of his colleagues and not a drag on your enterprise. If, however, an individual has an attitude problem that harms office morale, carefully address that in private.

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