4 tips for managing older and more experienced workers

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4 tips for managing older and more experienced workers

From LinkedIn Q&A: 

How do you lead and manage people older and more experienced than you? 

  1.  Treat every single colleague with respect. 
  2. Never, ever, roll your eyes when someone makes a cultural reference to something that happened before you were born. 
  3. Focus on the work and on using everyone’s skills, talents, and experience to get it done. 
  4. Consult with the most experienced workers when making changes to processes and procedures that they have worked with for years because:  
  • They have historic perspective and contacts;
  • They may know that something has been tried before and failed spectacularly;
  • They may understand how processes are interrelated. Sometimes making a tiny change without this very specific knowledge can bring an enterprise down like a house of cards. Responsibility would flow right to you, because you are the manager.

When you create a real team and respect and consult your colleagues who are specialists, they are reasonably likely to step in to stop you from making bone-headed errors.

No team? No support for you. 

From LinkedIn Answers (Organizational Development) (a Susan Gainen answer)

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