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Asking for a Drink: the right way

Career services professionals generally agree that the most embarrassing stories from the worlds of recruiting and work revolve around alcohol. One way to avoid becoming the star of a Famous Career Adviser Story comes from the Always Correct Culture and Manners Institute‘s Etiquette … Continue reading

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Al Coleman’s Secrets to Success: a must read for first-gen professionals

Al Coleman, Jr. Pave the Rocky Road to Success For first-generation professionals, the road to success can appear either rocky or barely visible. Without personal contacts and mentors, first-gen professionals can stumble and fail to achieve even the slightest bit of … Continue reading

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Why Grammar Matters: not just the Oxford Comma

If you don’t care where the comma goes, you may want to re-think becoming a lawyer. Long before bloggers at began debating  the Oxford Comma, I always made this point to prospective law students during the years that I … Continue reading

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Interview Alert: What does the interviewer see in the parking lot?

If you don’t get the Culture and Manners Institute’s Etiquette Tip of the Week, you risk doing things that will harm your career in ways that you will never know.   In this week’s tip, Certified Etiquette Instructor Callista Gould … Continue reading

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Legal Alternative Career Roadblock: people hate lawyers

Among the roadblocks for lawyers interviewing for jobs without the title lawyer is the fact that lots of people hate lawyers, and all of the Jerk Lawyers that the individuals on the hiring committee have ever dealt with are sitting … Continue reading

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