Interview Practice Protocol

Interview practice protocol
Whether practicing on your own or practicing with friends and colleagues, a Practice Protocol checklist will help you cover your bases and succeed in your interviews.
1.       Handshake: firm, neither fishlike nor crusher
2.       Personal presentation
          Suit: pressed; cotton shirt (men)
          Suit: women: if wearing a skirt (not too short)
          Hair: cut
          Shined Shoes
          Portfolio and pen
          No baseball caps, ever
3.       Demeanor
          Eye contact: direct
          No fidgeting, drumming on the table, leaning back in the chair
4.       Answers to questions (provide a list of practice questions)
          Clear and direct
          Complete sentences with meaningful specific information
          Never says: Ummm, and-ummm, I was like, I was like, you know
          Can discuss every resume item
          Can answer:
                   “Why do you want to work here?”
                   “Why should we hire you?”
                   “What do you know about our business?”
          Has re-read writing sample and can discuss it intelligently
          Has practiced some behavioral questions
5.       Market information
          Knows about the industry
          Knows about the business
          Knows about  business and industry problems and issues
6.       Local information
          Knows about local conditions (market, geography, cultural)
          Knows the location of the employer and can get to the office on time.               

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