Follow Instructions: The Best Final Exam Tip

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Follow Instructions: Best Final Exam Tip

A single law school exams at the end of each semester is the ultimate high-stakes exam.  The best final exam tip is to Follow Instructions.

Final exam questions range from apparently straightforward to flagrantly distracting with with roadblocks, potholes, and detours deliberately designed to create life-long-test-trauma memories. Exam questions can be multiple choice, short essay, long essay, extra-long (8-hour take home) essays, letters to clients, briefs, legal memos, and endless permutations of chores and tasks that can be shoe-horned into an exam period.

What’s a student to do?

Follow Instructions

The best way to get the most points is to follow instructions.  Focus on the question and answer it in the format requested. You may get lucky with a generous professor who values a data-dump, but don’t expect points for answering questions that a professor did not ask.

Read the instructions.
Read the instructions carefully.
Read the instructions three times.
Answer the questions that are on the exam.
Follow instructions to the letter.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would only ad that passing the essay part of the Bar Exam is so much easier IF you don’t miss that last question on the back of the last test page.


    If there is a date that most conveniently got divided, i.e. …………….. April 6,
    YEAR — make sure the year is not outside of any statute of limitations issue that you might otherwise miss.

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