Mid-summer review: critical critique

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Mid-summer review.

The late New York Mayor Ed Koch famously asked “How Am I Doing?” as often as he could. Mid-summer is time for law clerks to ask the same question.

What might review look like?

The range of behavior that might be labeled “feedback” is on a continuum from detailed contemporaneous review of individual projects to the assumption that all is well if you are not being yelled at.

Few employers provide the former, and, I hope that you never encounter the latter.

Mid-summer review: Where to find it

If your employer lacks a rigorous formal review structure, make your own. Make short-but-scheduled appointments with assigning attorneys noting that you have specific questions about one or more assignments.

Mid-summer review: What to ask for

You want meaningful, specific information about what you have done well and where you have fallen down. Do yourself and the lawyer a favor: send a memo with specific questions about parts of your work.

  • Did I provide the information that you requested?
  • Does it appear to you that I understand the client’s problem?
  • Was the piece well-organized?
  • Was the point that I was trying to make clear?
  • Did I miss a critical resource?
  • Were my introduction and conclusion clear and strong?

Your memo opens the door for the lawyer to be critical, perhaps severely critical, so be prepared for a rigorous review session. You many not like what you hear, but it’s better to know by mid-summer than to be surprised at the end to learn that your work was sub-par.

Bring coffee.

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