10 Tips for Moving a Small Practice

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10 tips for moving a small practice

(Based on a comment posted to a lawyerist.lab post.

10 tips for moving a small practice help you focus on big picture issues and  tiny details.  Start your list and get to work.

Harness school connections

1.   Contact your law school career office. Its staff may be familiar with alumni in your new area. They should be delighted to make introductions because they know that introductions may lead to new job connections for current students and other grads.

2.   Ditto your law school development and alumni relations offices. Those professionals know that contented grads may make donations.

3.   Ditto your undergraduate school’s career and alumni professionals. Graduates of these programs may not be lawyers, which is a good thing. Never forget that you are looking for clients.

Harness personal and professional connections

4.   Announce your move in every paper and electronic publication associated with any part of your personal and professional life. Don’t forget your high school classmates who you have found on Facebook. Unless you have been paying close attention, you won’t know that the person with whom you shared a frog-dissection experience lives in your new location.

5.   Tell everyone you know including the person who cuts your hair. You can’t know that your hair cutter’s brother-in-law is the mayor of your new location unless you share your news.

Take action: choose volunteer activities wisely

6.   Join and become active in bar associations in your new area. Whether you join local or state bars or specialty bars, choose wisely so that you can make a real contribution to the organization.

7.   Find a civic organization that you can support with enthusiasm.

Recreate referral sources

8.   Because you are moving an existing practice (or traveling with an existing skill set), you know your target clients and referral sources, or at least you know where they hang out. For example, an elder law practice benefits from giving presentations in nursing homes, houses of worship, meetings with bankers, social workers, etc. You know your referral sources. Find them and connect.

Welcome people into your new space

9.    Announce the opening of your office in the local newspapers (paper and electronic versions.) Host an open house.

10.  Opening a physical office? Find a local arts organization and offer wall space to artists on a rotating basis. Art openings = visits from potential clients.

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