A single-minded sprint to finals?

A single-minded sprint to finals? After spring break you have options that maximize study time without sacrificing job search strategies.

  •   Hunker down now. Up the ante on studying. Finish, tweak, and  memorize outlines. Outline the note cases. Listen to recordings of every class for which there is a record. Take practice exams daily.
  •   Double down on job search until two weeks before finals. Then, proceed with #1.

As in Star Wars™, there is another. Another way, that is.

Count your time.

Count the number of weeks until finals. Be honest with yourself and count the number of hours each week that you devote to studying and to job search.

Create a schedule: keep panic in check.

If  you are a reasonably diligent student, you need not make radical alterations to your study habits. If you are an eight-hour-a-day person, there is no point in trying to put in 15-hour days. Within your comfort zone, create a sliding schedule, front-loading job search in late March and early April. Gradually decrease the job search hours and increase study hours. If you make a plan and work the plan, you may be able to control your time and keep your panic level in check.

Spring Job Search Bonus Alert!

The working world does not stop because you are studying for finals, so don’t stop applying for jobs and don’t abandon your networking. More jobs are posted in April than in any other month. Why? Employers who are  focused on getting client work done, are tipped by their kids’ upcoming summer camp schedule to think “It must be time for a summer law clerk.” Thus, there are jobs posted during finals. Don’t get cranky. Be prepared with a freshly dry-cleaned suit, a clean shirt, and polished shoes.

Interviewing during finals.

It happens. Be glad that you got the call. Employers may not be willing to wait to conduct your interview until after finals, however, they are usually willing to interview around your exam schedule.

Go to the interview. Knock it out of the ballpark. Get back to studying.

___Susan Gainen created a suite of training programs for law and other students (Alternative Careers, 2nd Career Law Students, I’am a 3L…What now?, Job Search Skills Outside of OCI, Job Search Skills = Business Development Skills, and Professionalism Has Attached). She is also an artist who has taken responsibility for the historic, pre-historic, and whimsical creatures of her hometown, Saint Paul, Minnesota. At her Small Friends‘ website, find Lost Cave Paintings,  Wild Parrots of the Winter of 2013, Tiny Wild Hummingbirds, Pandas and Frogs from the Hidden Bamboo Forest of Saint Paul, and Saint Paul’s Backyard Rooster Haven.

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