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Employers’ & clerks’ end of summer concerns

The end of summer brings a host of concerns for employers and clerks. Not surprisingly, some of the employers’ and clerks’ end of summer concerns are similar, covering issues related to work product and how or whether professional relationships developed. … Continue reading

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15 steps for an out-of-town job search

Regardless of your law school’s geographic reach, an out-of-town job search requires diligent preparation, strategic planning, and willingness to create a network to support your plan. Review these 15 steps and get going. First Stop: Career Services If you do … Continue reading

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Honey, can you type?

“Honey, can you type?” was once a gender-specific question. Now, typing as part of technology competence, is a gender-neutral requirement for employment. Mass. Moves to Require Technology Competence for Lawyers · Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites A Short History … Continue reading

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Finding feedback: an ongoing challenge

Finding feedback can be challenging because it comes in a variety of settings and from some unexpected sources.  It may be formal, informal, unheralded, unscheduled, and delivered by anyone from the most senior attorney to the most junior clerical assistant. … Continue reading

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Mid-summer review: critical critique

The late New York Mayor Ed Koch famously asked “How Am I Doing?” as often as he could. Mid-summer is time for law clerks to ask the same question. What might review look like? The range of behavior that might be labeled … Continue reading

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3 Rules for Protecting Confidential Information and Your Career

Whistleblower and Super-Leaker Edward Snowden changed his career trajectory purposely and forever when he revealed details of a National Security Agency data collection project. He is now unemployed, possibly in the middle of his 15 minutes of fame, marooned somewhere in … Continue reading

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3 tips for getting work reviewed without asking for “feedback”

One of the differences between school and work is that you can think that you are doing fine at work if no one is yelling at you. That should not give you peace of mind. You and  your work are … Continue reading

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First Week of Work: Make the first day count

First impressions are forever. Whether this is your first-ever professional job or one more step on your career path, make the first day count. Meeting people:  Strong handshakes and good eye contact are key. Do your best to begin to … Continue reading

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Balancing Job Search and Bar Study

Students often want to stop searching for jobs while studying for exams or prepping for the bar. Clearing the decks of everything extraneous to studying seems like a great strategy. Think again. Time management is a critical element in any … Continue reading

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