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Smart and delusional job search strategies for 3Ls

3L spring or fall semester job search strategies range from very smart to completely delusional. Ideal: Organized, structured, systematic and not frantic combination of: Self assessment, Targeted networking based on a. well-developed or tentative selection of practice areas or career paths, b. geography, c. friends, … Continue reading

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Why are you leaving your job?

Despite a nearly universally derided dismal job market, where common sense might dictate keeping a job at any cost, employed lawyers continue to look for new work and new experiences.  Every job search needs a coherent narrative, something that can … Continue reading

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3 steps to answering the toughest interview question: What do you want to do?

Before you are blindsided in an interview by “What do you want to do?” you need to take some time to ask “What do I want to learn?” This is particularly tricky for law students with minimal work experience and … Continue reading

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Self-assessment: worth 60,000 hours?

Are 60,000 working hours a compelling reason for ongoing self-assessment? Unless you married the person you dated at 15, and never ate a food you could not pronounce, the decisions you make early in life and in career may not … Continue reading

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Research: Step 2 in an alternative career search

Because life does not come with GPS, research is a critical component of an alternative career search because it helps create your roadmap. There are three key research tasks: (1) define your terms; (2) learn about other jobs; and (3) explore … Continue reading

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