Pass the Baton Law Programs

Pass the Baton law programs are cost-effective, lively, interactive, and responsive to students’ concerns. Each is customizable for individual schools.

Opportunities for collaboration

Share expenses. These programs provide excellent opportunities for collaboration and co-sponsorship among schools, bar associations, and student groups.

Add compelling modules to your current program schedule.  In tight budget times, inviting outside speakers is a stretch. Proven outside speakers reinforce your message and support your office’s professionalism and level of service.

Watching the money.  Susan Gainen has years of experience carefully watching career offices’ budgets, and has made numerous shared-expense road trips including a 5-city-5-school-5-day trip to Texas.

$550 per program plus travel expenses (transportation, overnight stay, food)
Same school same trip repeat, $300
Same school, same trip, other programs, $500 each

The Pass the Baton law programs are:

  • Alternative Careers: Getting to “There”
  • I’m a 3L: What now?
  • Job Search Outside of OCI: the forever skill
  • Job Search Skills = Business Development Skills
  • Professionalism Has Attached
  • Second Career Law Students: Support the Cohort

To create a multi-program curriculum or a single program, contact Susan Gainen at or 651.917.0219.

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