2nd Career Law Students: Support the cohort

2nd Career Law Students: Support the Cohort creates community. Returning students bring valuable perspective and experience to their classes and classmates. Sharing common issues and experiences, they form a unique-to-every-school cohort. This program addresses those issues as it:

  • introduces 1Ls, 2Ls, 3Ls, 4Ls, Visitors, and Transfers to one another enhancing this cohort;
  • banishes the idea that “I am the only Old One in my class;”
  • removes Why did you come to law school?” from the Attack Question category;
  • covers advantages and pitfalls of building on a previous career, and expecting raises, promotions, autonomy, responsibility, and minimal supervision because of age;
  • discusses age discrimination, coping, and where to go for help; and
  • demonstrates how a Chronologically Enriched student can be a bonus hire.

I created this program at the University of Minnesota Law School, presented it 10+ times, once at NALP, and twice in 2011. In March 2011 at St. Mary’s Law, it brought out the largest-ever crowd of second career students.

Like all Pass the Baton Programs, this one is cost effective. Special pricing for 2014-2015.

(1)    Share expenses and partner with other schools, bar associations, student groups, bar prep  vendors, and/or student services;
(2)    $550 per program plus travel expenses. Program fee includes electronic handouts and access to Susan Gainen for you and your students and alumni;
(3)    Same school, same trip, repeat program, $300;
(4)    Same school, same trip, other programs, $500 each.

To create a multi-program curriculum or a single program, contact Susan Gainen at susan@passthebaton.biz or 651.917.0219.

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