I am a 3L and I need help

I’m a 3L and I need help. What Now?
5 Steps for creating a roadmap.

When 3Ls (or 4Ls) get to the fall or spring semesters and have no jobs, they need non-judgmental instructions that allow them to get started or to start again. This lively conversation includes:

  1. Job search skills are life skills: don’t put them into separate boxes.
  2. Look at all of your experience and acknowledge what you have learned: the good, the bad, and the completely inexplicable. Review your work (paid, volunteer, clinic) and consider how the people you worked with did (or didn’t) model professionalism, ethics, excellent client services, and top-notch management and mentoring skills. Whether good or bad, you learned from each of them. Evaluate each experience with an eye toward answering “Do you have any questions?” Focus questions on what you really want to know based on your own observations.
  3. Find your network. Work it. Give back to it.
  4. Telepathy is not a job search tool: get out of the house and tell everyone what you are looking for.
  5. Become an expert.Talk to lawyers who are doing work that interests you. It is easier for an employer to hire someone willing to learn on her own dime and her own time that it is to hire someone who says “Train me. I’m yours.”

and bonus tips!

COST-EFFECTIVE PROGRAMS offer opportunities for sharing expenses with other schools, bar prep vendors, deans of students, and student groups.

Pricing for 2014-2015 school year:

  1. $550 per program plus travel expenses
  2. Same school, same trip, repeat program $300 each repeat
  3. Same school, same trip, other programs, $500 each

 To create a multi-program curriculum or a single program, contact Susan Gainen at susan@passthebaton.biz or 651.917.0219.

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