Job Search Outside OCI: The Forever Skill

Job Search Outside OCI represents almost everyone’s life long job search. With the narrow exception of a small group of 2Ls and 3Ls, there is no on-campus interview program.  Knowing how to find or create a job market, and conduct a job-search campaign is a Forever Skill.

Briefly covered: The limits of  OCI:

  • Limited to employers able to plan to hire 12 to 24 months after first interviews;
  • Limited to a relatively small number of 2Ls and 3Ls in the national pool; and
  • After law school graduation, all job searches are outside of OCI.

Outside of OCI, employers apply a “Just in Time” analysis which includes:

  • Do we have work for a new employee?
  • Do we have revenue to pay a new employee?
  • Can we support and  train a new employee?
  • Do we have physical space or technology & culture to support virtual space?
  • Do we have the right candidate in the pool?

Job Search Outside OCI: The Forever Skill is based on a consistent principle: Lifetime job search requires self-assessment, creativity, flexibility, curiosity, and an appropriate public professional profile.

Job Search Outside OCI: The Forever Skill identifies critical components of a job search including market segments, credibility considerations (practice and geography), personal tools (resumes and cover letters, new and existing networks), electronic tools (blogs, social media, directories and more), consistent record keeping, and career-enders & deal-breakers.

COST EFFECTIVE pricing for 2014-2015 school year:
(1)    $550 per program plus travel expenses. Program fee includes electronic handouts and access to Susan Gainen for you and your students and alumni;
(2)    Same school, same trip, repeat program, $300;
(3)    Same school, same trip, other programs, $500 each.

To create a multi-program curriculum or a single program, contact Susan Gainen at or 651.917.0219.

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