Professionalism Has Attached

Professionalism Has Attached can launch law students at orientation, before interviewing, and before graduation. It is a customizable program for any school setting, focusing on issues that are of concern to career professionals and deans of students.

However, trying to define “professionalism” is like hugging Jello™.

Is it a dress code, presentation skills, writing skills, technical skills, advocacy skills, judgement, ethics, voice, interviewing skills, personal relationships, professional relationships, integrity, respect for the rule of law, accountability and loyalty to clients, fiduciary responsibility, compassion, pro bono service?

Some of the above? All of the above? Or something else? Help your students focus on and answer those questions.

In a completely customizable Spring or Fall program, Professionalism Has Attached covers:

  • issues unique to your students this year,
  • abstract and concrete behavior and professionalism issues,
  • working with all of the generations,
  • networking (face-to-face and phone-to-phone, not just on social media), identifying and navigating relationships with all of the stakeholders at work,
  • the need to take control of your own training program and to write your own Owner’s Manual, and more.

I was lucky to be part of the first wave of NALPers to begin to focus on professionalism, and was honored to be the first chair of NALP’s Law Student Professional Development Section. In August 2011, Professionalism Has Attached was part of the University of Iowa’s Job Search Boot Camp and Oklahoma City University’s 2L Launch Pad.

To create a multi-program curriculum or a single program, contact Susan Gainen at or 651.917.0219.

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