Who is Susan Gainen?

5marchThrough ups and deep downs in the economy, Susan Gainen has observed and participated in the food business, the car business, typesetting (stone age and jet age), traditional law practice, headhunting for lawyers, law school career services, and private consulting and lecturing.

She is a recognized expert in Alternative Careers for Lawyers, and has created a suite of programs career strategy programs for undergraduate, graduate, and law students.

To create a multi-program curriculum or a single program, contact Susan Gainen at susan@passthebaton.biz or 651.917.0219.

She is also an artist who has taken responsibility for the prehistoric, historic and purely whimsical wildlife of Saint Paul, Minnesota, her adopted hometown. With a prime directive to “spread whimsy,” she paints its Wild Parrots of the Grim Winter of 2013, Lost Cave Paintings, Tiny Wild Parrots & Hummingbirds, ¬†Backyard Roosters, and the Pandas & Frogs from Saint Paul’s Hidden Bamboo Forest.


The original 7 Hippos Marching is available at ETSY. 

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