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2nd Week of Work: 4 ways to sync with support staff

If this is your first grown-up job, almost every support staff person knows more than you. You may know more about some abstract points of law, but they know: Where the courthouses are and how to submit documents on time … Continue reading

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First Week of Work: Make the first day count

First impressions are forever. Whether this is your first-ever professional job or one more step on your career path, make the first day count. Meeting people:  Strong handshakes and good eye contact are key. Do your best to begin to … Continue reading

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Alternative Careers Conversations: Law Schools’ Moral Imperative

Even if there were a JD-required job for every law student and tuition were free, law schools would still have a moral imperative to introduce students to alternative uses for their JDs. Law grads make choices Law school career professionals … Continue reading

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Job Search Outside OCI: Spring Break Edition

Spring break is a defining moment for thousands of law students who must finally accept that they are not likely to get a job through fall OCI. Their resumes are not under a stray file. That door has closed. Small … Continue reading

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Three Bs to energize your job search

Unless your loved one included a job offer with the flowers and chocolate, February 15 will be a good time to energize your job search. Begin with these Three B’s. Begin a Job Search By Ditching Your Baggage Ruth Hayden, … Continue reading

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Best tips for recruiting recommenders

Writing letters of recommendation is either a joy or a chore. If you lay the right groundwork, recommending you can be a pleasure. Follow the Best Tips for finding recommenders to make this process work for both of you. Do … Continue reading

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6 steps to jump-start a spring job search

The beginning of Spring Semester is the right time to jump-start your job search. Here are six steps to help you begin. 1. Check your toolbox. Critical tools for a 21st century job search are: Electronic and paper resume. Have at least … Continue reading

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Follow Instructions: The Best Final Exam Tip

A single law school exams at the end of each semester is the ultimate high-stakes exam.  The best final exam tip is to Follow Instructions. Final exam questions range from apparently straightforward to flagrantly distracting with with roadblocks, potholes, and … Continue reading

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Mock Interviews may save the day

For even the best-prepared students, interviews can be stressful and, sadly, fruitless. Before your interview season ends, do a series (one is not enough) of mock interviews with both friends and strangers. What can be polished, should be polished. You … Continue reading

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Interview question: What does it take to fail?

One of my all-time favorite questions for candidates to ask is “What does it take to fail?” It is unexpected, and requires interviewers to stop and think. It cuts right past the blather about “excellent writing skills, superb communication skills, … Continue reading

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