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Applicants: know the employer’s business and industry

Thank you, Alyson Stanfield, for your post How I Screwed Up My Pitch and What You Can Learn from my Colossal Error. Stanfield, author of Art Biz Insider and one of my favorite books, I’d rather be in the studio! is a longtime … Continue reading

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Employers need information to make good decisions

Employers are neither sleuths nor ferrets: they need information. Employers need information to make good decisions about you. They can only act on the information you provide. You have read the job description and discussed the position with your network. … Continue reading

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Resumes and cover letters are not all about you

Not your biography. Imagining that these documents should have you as their sole focus shows a gross misunderstanding of the hiring process. They may be your forum and appear to be about you, but if you treat them as straightforward … Continue reading

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Outsourcing HR Functions: a LinkedIn Best Answer

  Barbara Archampong wrote: My Question: What impact will outsourcing HR functions have on an organizations’ performance? Your Answer: It depends. If the outsourcing HR firm is highly competent and professional, takes the time to learn about the organization and … Continue reading

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Alternative Careers: Transferable skills make the move

Other people have trained for “your” job Having identified the job that you want, do not be discouraged to find that other people have trained for it. You can explain and enhance your value to an employer by showing what … Continue reading

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