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Marketing tips for artists, business owners, networkers & job seekers

Not just artists, but all business owners, networkers, and job seekers whose enterprises are lagging may recognize themselves in this timely post from the Light, Space Time gallery owner. When confronted by two angry and disappointed artists whose work was not selling, he … Continue reading

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1Ls’ first career services meeting: the beginning

1 First year law students’ first meetings with career services professionals mark the beginning of an enormously valuable two-way relationship. What should each expect? Students Why engage with career services? You don’t know what you don’t know. Unless you are a … Continue reading

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Al Coleman’s Secrets to Success: a must read for first-gen professionals

Al Coleman, Jr. Pave the Rocky Road to Success For first-generation professionals, the road to success can appear either rocky or barely visible. Without personal contacts and mentors, first-gen professionals can stumble and fail to achieve even the slightest bit of … Continue reading

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Going to work: Networking should be purposeful — not puzzling

Networking should be purposeful, not puzzling.  If, when asked, you cannot provide a common interest or acquaintance in common, don’t be surprised if your attempts to connect fall flat. Lacking telepathy, I remain at a loss to explain this conversation … Continue reading

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Three rules for 21st century email

Texting has whomped email, which is now considered old-fashioned. It is way too soon to consign email to the Recycling Bin of Technological History, and these Three Rules for 21st Century Email will continue to make it work for you. … Continue reading

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