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Honey can you type? Technology changes skills required

Mass. Moves to Require Technology Competence for Lawyers · Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites “Honey, can you type?” 1967 When I was in high school, “Honey, can you type?” was a question that girls of all ages were asked … Continue reading

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10 Tips for Moving a Small Practice

(Based on a comment posted to a lawyerist.lab post. 10 tips for moving a small practice help you focus on big picture issues and  tiny details.  Start your list and get to work. Harness school connections 1.   Contact your … Continue reading

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First Week of Work: Make the first day count

First impressions are forever. Whether this is your first-ever professional job or one more step on your career path, make the first day count. Meeting people:  Strong handshakes and good eye contact are key. Do your best to begin to … Continue reading

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Managers & Staff: Ask for what you want

A cheeky TechRepublic blog post, Is Your Boss an Idiot? reminded me again that communication — or lack there of — is one of the great pitfalls of going to work. More important, though, is that telepathy is neither a … Continue reading

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Hire the Right Law Clerk: 4 steps (from lawyerist)

If you work in a large law firm with recruiting infrastructure, two assumptions driving the recruiting process are that students know who you are (large firm) and why they want to work for you (training and money? money and training?). … Continue reading

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For managers: Questions to expect from your new law clerk

Questions to expect from your new law clerk — a Lawyerist blog post Managing is not for the faint of heart.

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Outsourcing HR Functions: a LinkedIn Best Answer

  Barbara Archampong wrote: My Question: What impact will outsourcing HR functions have on an organizations’ performance? Your Answer: It depends. If the outsourcing HR firm is highly competent and professional, takes the time to learn about the organization and … Continue reading

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Your best consultants are on your staff

Unless your organization is a start-up, you have processes that can be streamlined, improved or eliminated. It is time to enlist your best consultants: your staff. Employees know how to do their jobs Every employee has opinions about how his … Continue reading

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