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4 ways to manage your attention span

 You are the boss of your attention span. You are the boss of your attention span. Yet how you manage when your world is pinging you to read texts, tweets, emails, and Instagrams is a measure of your professionalism. Whether … Continue reading

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Office policies — not all in the employee handbook

Most employers won’t deliberately trick you, but there are hundreds of tiny office policies that aren’t in the employee handbook. Office policies Whether you are naming a document or requesting a check for a filing fee, your office has policies … Continue reading

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10 Tips for Moving a Small Practice

(Based on a comment posted to a lawyerist.lab post. 10 tips for moving a small practice help you focus on big picture issues and  tiny details.  Start your list and get to work. Harness school connections 1.   Contact your … Continue reading

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3L Bad Idea: Skipping the July Bar

Mid-February is the time when some 3Ls begin contemplating a bad idea: skipping the July bar. Banish that thought and sign up. Three good excuses for skipping a July bar         Donating a kidney.         Having … Continue reading

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3 tips for getting work reviewed without asking for “feedback”

One of the differences between school and work is that you can think that you are doing fine at work if no one is yelling at you. That should not give you peace of mind. You and  your work are … Continue reading

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3rd Week of Work: Getting to Know Your Colleagues

Ideally, your office will be filled with interesting and talented people who do good work without generating drama, and who can be trusted with professional confidences. You should make sincere efforts to get to know both lawyers and staff because … Continue reading

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2nd Week of Work: 4 ways to sync with support staff

If this is your first grown-up job, almost every support staff person knows more than you. You may know more about some abstract points of law, but they know: Where the courthouses are and how to submit documents on time … Continue reading

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First Week of Work: Make the first day count

First impressions are forever. Whether this is your first-ever professional job or one more step on your career path, make the first day count. Meeting people:  Strong handshakes and good eye contact are key. Do your best to begin to … Continue reading

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Cover Letters: critical tools for an alternative career search

Best cover letters The best cover letters are door openers. They should show that you understand the job for which you are applying, know some current problems in the industry, understand problems specific to the business (two different things), and … Continue reading

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Three Bs to energize your job search

Unless your loved one included a job offer with the flowers and chocolate, February 15 will be a good time to energize your job search. Begin with these Three B’s. Begin a Job Search By Ditching Your Baggage Ruth Hayden, … Continue reading

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