I founded Pass the Baton in 2009 to help employers extract mission-critical information from Boomers who were retiring. The economy tanked and they stopped retiring. I redirected the enterprise, and for the next five years I focused on working with law students and lawyers on professionalism and career development strategies.

Pass the Baton is changing again.

In addition to minding the business of lawyers and their professional development, I am now working with two new groups:

1.  Artist Presentation Training. Artists often have to give presentations for grants and other things. If standing up in front of people and talking about your art gives you heart palpitations, consider Artists Talking, a two-hour consultation that will get to the heart of your art so that you can shine.

2.  Boomer Transition Counseling. If you have no idea what you want to do with the rest of your life (or the rest of the year),  Next Adventure may be for you. The first hour is free.

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