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Really hybridized corn

Really really hybridized corn – a very early nanoscape…I promise not to give up painting to explore plant genetics… If, however, you are interested in homicidal plant geneticists, look for Emma Lathen’s Green Grow the Dollars (1982, Simon and Schuster; … Continue reading

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Cashew Brittle and the Gift of the Candy Thermometer

If you give the gift of five pounds of candy, the recipient will be sick for a week. However, if you give the gift of a Candy Thermometer, the recipient will be able to makejam, jelly, Italian meringue, caramels and … Continue reading

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Spiced Pecans

My friend Kimm Walton (author of Guerilla Tactics for Getting the Legal Job of Your Dreams), “introduced” me to Ann Hodgman several years ago when she sent me a copy of Beat That! (1995, Chapters Publishing, Ltd., Shelburne, VT). Kimm … Continue reading

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Scallion Pancakes (5 steps)

Scallion Pancake Week (May 1-5, 2006) Adapted from three wonderful cookbooks:The Modern Art of Chinese Cooking (Barbara Tropp)China Moon Cookbook (Barbara Tropp)China Express (Nina Simonds) I first had Scallion Pancakes in the late 1970s at an otherwise undistinguished strip-mall Chinese … Continue reading

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“$100 Almonds” in four easy steps

If you have an hour to spare and are looking for something that will inspire “Did You MAKE these??”, try “$100 Almonds” which I first made on Labor Day 2000. And it was a laborious day… THE WRONG WAY The … Continue reading

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Fried Green Eggs – a nanoscapes

During the summer of 2006 I discovered watercolors, and I will, occasionally, post a painting. This was one of two very early food-related series. The first was “Demented Olives,” and this is from the “Fried Green Eggs Group.” June 2010 … Continue reading

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No-Knead Bread With Crisp Crust For Ever & Ever. Amen.

On November 8, 2006, Mark Bittman’s NYTimes column struck fear and terror into the hearts of bread machine manufacturers, and brought joy to anyone who might have wanted to make bread but had lists of “why I can’t bake bread…,” … Continue reading

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The Delights of Winter Tomatoes – No Kidding

Fresh winter Roma tomatoes taste like the spawn of cardboard and cotton, and not in the vaguely good way you might remember the cotton candy you ate at the circus when you were six. But with some oil and garlic … Continue reading

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