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The ONLY Chocolate Pound Cake You’ll Ever Want: Thank you, Judith Olney

Favorite cookbooks open automatically to favorite recipes, and my copy of Judith Olney’s The Joy of Chocolate (1982, Barron’s Educational Series) opens to page 68 — CHOCOLATE POUND CAKE.I have made it over and over again and it has never … Continue reading

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Really spicy molasses cookies

It took a while for me to embrace spicy food for dinner — my Mother’s first attempt at Chicken Creole in the early 1960s called for 1/8th tsp of cayenne, and for years in her house, cayenne was doled out … Continue reading

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Spinach Balls – party food from your freezer

I’ve had Spinach Balls in my freezer for about 35 years. Why? Because they’re easy to make in double and triple batches and because people love them. By the time the drinks are made, and guests have relaxed, Spinach Balls … Continue reading

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Bittman’s Bread Breeds Fine French Toast

Happy New Year!I have had French Toast three times in the last 20 years and, not coincidentally, all three were in the last three weeks. Why? Mark Bittman’s Bread, which I have already discussed, is the key to both savory … Continue reading

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