More time-saving bread-baking books

In late 2006I joined thousands who cheered Mark Bittman’s a life-changing New York Times piece about uber-crusted-full-flavored bread from blazing hot pan in hot home ovens. In early 2007 I put that bread into French Toast.

While Publishers Weekly has a laundry list of new bread books in the pipeline, I have already made a space on my shelf for Jim Lahey, who had instructed and inspired Bittman, and his My Bread: The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method by Jim Lahey with Rick Flaste (Norton, Oct.). I can’t wait.

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  1. Tinwang says:

    Wowwww! Look at the crust its mouth watering. I remeebmr my grandma was baking like this, I love it when its hot put some real butter, crushed red pepper, little bit black pepper and some oregano with a glass of tea. Ohhh my, its something else )

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